10 Online College Degrees Requiring the Least Amount of Homework

If you are working and need to pursue an online college degree, you definitely would need to manage Làm bằng đại học your time better. Homework is a part of every course and can add to the burden of a busy schedule. Let see which online degrees require the least amount of homework.


This interesting and easy to complete an online degree course requires the least amount of homework, giving you the time to manage work and study. Many Dietician degree courses offer small lessons that can be downloaded on your personal computer and you can go through it according to your convenience.


If you have always been interested in beauty and styling, online college degree in cosmetology can make your dreams come true. Once you manage to earn a reputed Cosmetology degree in cosmetology, you will get a competitive edge in this field. In this online course, you can have the flexibility to make your own schedules. The salon hours can be accumulated and used to learn at night on the Internet.

Child Day Care

A quality online college program in child day care can easily help you start a full service pre-school, play group or even a small home based child care center. Such Child Day Care degrees allow you learn about the growth and behavior patterns of children, ways of nurturing, educational games and activities. Learning material is offered in parts that you can download.

Jewelry Design

An online college degree in this field is the ideal approach towards learning the basics of jeweler’s machines and tools and how to make and repair jewelry. You can also opt for online lessons in casting, setting and designing.

Bridal Consultant

A reputed online bridal consultant degree course will teach you everything from managing the wedding date to the entire co-ordination of the ceremony. You can manage your own schedule and without much homework, learn the techniques of this profession within the comfort of your house through an online college degree program.


You can easily learn the theoretical course including topics like food, hygiene and safety on the Internet. Whenever you get time, you can attend practical class work to get cooking skills. This online degree is quite useful when you want to get a degree as a chef and enhance your career growth.

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