A Massage Therapy Career Is a Great Choice

Why choose a Career in Massage Therapy?

The Massage Therapy career field is expanding and rewarding. It’s a career where you can either work for yourself, for a doctor, a chiropractor, at a spa, a resort, a fitness center or even a hotel.

As a trained massage therapist, your options are limitless. One example would be, you can use your training as second job, possibly be personal trainer and a massage therapist at a fitness center.

You can work for yourself in your own private massage practice. You could set up an office or do outcalls.

As a massage therapist you may find your work extremely rewarding. In this alternative healthcare field you will be helping numerous people through hands on bodywork instead of or in addition to traditional drugs or surgery.

The Massage Therapist Job Market is Expanding Fast.

More and more Spas, Relaxation Centers, and Fitness Centers are being built throughout the USA with More and more people flocking to these centers. People are becoming sensual massage hong kong more conscious of their health and wish to get fit, learn and experience relaxation and stress reduction processes, use alternative therapies for current problems or as preventative healthcare.

Even traditional healthcare providers are recommending massage therapy as a healing technique for stress reduction and other ailments.

A licensed massage therapist can work just about anywhere in the US and Canada. They can have their own practice, work at fitness clubs, day spas, resorts, hotels, companies, professional sports. As a massage therapist you may work with chiropractors, doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, counselors and other healthcare workers.

Education and Training for a Massage Therapy career.

Your education and training for the massage therapy career can be completed quickly (from 7 months to 2 years). Many massage therapy schools and colleges have very convenient class schedules, offering both day and evening classes.

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