Can I Get My FICO Score for Free?

This is a common question that I am asked several times a day by my clients, especially after I have explained to them the importance of their FICO score and the large role it plays in their financial lives. The answer to this question is “Yes” although many people still have trouble finding exactly where and how to check their credit score for free. This article will aim to clear up any of this confusion, and arm you with the knowledge to properly understand your FICO score.

I always tell my clients to get into the habit of checking their FICO rating and credit report at least once per year, because knowing where your credit stands is the first step towards improving and maintaining a healthy credit rating bóng đá trực tiếp . Just as you can’t fix a leaking boat until you find the source of the leak, you can’t improve your credit until you find the areas that most need improving.

Your FICO score is the most commonly used brand of credit rating system. Formally known as the Fair Issac Corporation Score, your FICO is used by nearly all major banks, lenders, credit card companies, and rental companies, to determine how well you can manage your finances and make payments on time. Your score is sometimes even used by potential employers when you apply for a job! It’s almost scary how vital your FICO is to your every day life, so treat it with the respect it deserves and enjoy all the benefits that come along with a high credit score.

Now on to the good stuff; how to check your FICO score for free. The best way to get an up-to-date copy of your credit report and FICO rating is, you guessed it, on the Internet. There are literally dozens of companies that offer this free service online, but only a few that are Better Business Bureau approved and backed by large reputable corporations. These are the websites you want to use, as they are the fastest, most accurate, and trustworthy. Most of these websites also offer identity theft protection, credit monitoring, and other added services along with your credit report, however it is important to remember that these services are optional.

The 3 credit scores are the numerical assessment of the data enclosed in the credit reports. These scores are based on the personal credit history, financial public records information, credit card accounts and more. The credit scores are calculated on the basis of the information of credit provided from all the three major reporting bureaus.

The federal government had formed three major credit rating agencies namely the Experian, the Equifax and the Trans Union. These three rating bureaus collect the information from the credit lending companies and other financial institutions and file them up to present as a report. The data mentioned in all the three credit reports is generally not similar. There is a difference in all the three reports because the information mentioned in one credit report might not reflect in other two credit reports.

You can have an easy access to each of the three major reporting bureaus which helps in comparing the score information easily and quickly. People do not realize the importance of 3 credit scores unless they apply for a loan or mortgage or for some major purchases. The range of a score is from 300 to 850 and a credit score of 700 is normally considered good while a credit score of 770 is considered excellent.

The scores can be easily obtained by contacting the credit bureaus by sending them a request letter. It can also be requested by searching a website which requires some personal details to let you access the scores. The last option is a bit risky since these websites are not the official or legitimate ones and can result as a fraud or scammer.

To live a comfortable life it is vital to check and maintain the 3 credit scores. For maintaining the scores it is important to take a few steps and one amongst them is that the payments should be made on time. The lenders or credit card agencies do not report a late payment done once but if payments are made late for more than two times then it is reported. It is necessary to avoid late payments and for that care should be taken that you note down the due date in a calendar or make the payment a few days early to the due date. It is necessary also to check that the billing address mentioned on the bill is correct. Another thing that can be done is to keep a track of the scores and check them regularly. For this you should understand the different sections of the credit report and analyze them to improve the scores.

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