Cell Phone Ring Tones – Personalize the Music That You Want to Hear on Your Mobile Phone

Now that you finally are the owner of a mobile phone, a very popular thing to do is to try out new cell phone ring tones in order to give some added spice to your phone. If you happen to be a new kid on the block when it comes to wireless phones and new tones, a cell phone ring tone is a piece of MP3 music or a special sound that your mobile phone plays to alert you when you have an incoming call. Instead of the same old dull ringing of your cell phone, you can have a custom sound for your own personal phone’s ring style rings . You can actually have different tones for different people who call.

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When it comes down to cellular phone ring tones, you have to know exactly which type that you wish to choose from. You can opt to have a monophonic , a polyphonic , or some real/true tones as well. The following information will give you some insight into just what these various ring tones are. This may help you make a better decision as to which ring tone you wish to get.

While monophonic tones are almost obsolete today, when personalized tones first came on the scene, cellular phones were only able to play tones that were monophonic meaning that they only had the very basic sounds. For these types of tones, just one note is played at a time by one instrument. These monophonic sounds were able to be produced through MIDI; these were used just as rudimentary ring tones. Someone soon figured out how these monophonic sounds could be used to play very simple versions of popular songs. This started the boom of the musical ringtone business. Today other tones have become far superior to these, so very few people actually use the monophonic ring tone.

When you take it to the next level, the next mobile phone ring to consider is the polyphonic ring tone. There is a special sequencing technology ascribed to these sounds. They are definitely a step above the monophonic tones. Forty different notes are able to be played at the same time with these ring tones. This means that you can literally have the sound of an entire orchestra. The sound coming out of the cellphone was much richer and the music tones even sounded much better! There is one drawback. Polyphonic tones are not able to use digital audio.

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