Dracula Origin in Vlad The Impaler

The library collection of the British museum in London is a storehouse of arcane knowledge and it was here that the concept of Dracula originated in 19th century sultantoto Irish author, Bram Stoker. Stoker spent his time combing through numerous volumes concerning medicine, the occult, as well as the history and geography of Eastern Europe.Take a Tour to Brunei to Capture Its Popular Sightseeing Spots

American historian, Raymond McNally came across Stoker’s sources; Stoker found a book, in which Vlad Tepes had been discussed, also known as Vlad The Impaler. Therefore he composed his major character around Tepes. The Romanian prince and Dracula became one. The shocking and frightening history of the wild prince is in that book, shows the cruelty of his nature. It illustrates how the prince impaled people and roasted them, boiling their heads, next to the heads of cattle; of sheep; how he skinned them alive and hacked them into pieces, then drank their blood.

In Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula travels to England, intent on dominating the world. Stoker looked for the optimal places in which to set his novel. He combed papers and diaries; researched accounts of Jack The Ripper who shocked the British public by brutally cutting up and murdering prostitutes, and whose identity was never known. At the turn of the century horror tales were popular, Stoker knew that if his vampire tale had a contemporary setting it would be devoured by the public.

There were popular vampire tales before Dracula. Many of them were set in Austria, and Bram Stoker originally wanted his story to be set in that region. Stoker then became influenced by Transylvanian superstitions, the Carpathian mountains, and he moved his setting to ‘the land beyond the forest’. He described it as a bleak mountainous region, difficult to reach, infested with ghosts.

500 years ago Vlad Tepes, the historical Count Dracula, ruled this region. Even today the people of the area. honor his memory. Not far from his fortress lies the town of Sighiesoara. The locals may never have read Stoker’s book, but they know about the original count Dracula who is revered as a great warrior. A monument was erected in Dracula’s birthplace in his honour. According to the local people, he brought peace and stability to the region. The town is essentially unchanged since Dracula’s time.

In Dracula’s era, times were hard. The Ottomans had set out to dominate Wallachia. At the birthplace of Vlad, is a fresco of the only recognized likeness of his father, Vlad Dracul. The word ‘Dracula’ has two meanings, ‘devil’ and ‘dragon’. Dracula is, ‘son of Dracule’. Vlad Dracul got his name from an affiliation with ‘The Order Of The Dragon’, founded by the Emperor of Luxembourg.

Romania in the fifteenth century was caught between Islam and Christendom. The Ottoman armies attacked Wallachia and Transylvania. Dracul often negotiated with the Ottomans, but his son, Vlad Tepes, fought them back ferociously. Although the Sultan’s army was three times the size of Vlad Dracul’s, Vlad Tepes defeated it with a combination of barbarity and cunning.

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