Exuma Bahamas Real Estate

If you are considering buying a property in the idyllic Bahamas, consider an Exuma Island estate. With a stunning landscape and a serene atmosphere, an Exuma estate can be the perfect fit for the vacationer or family who is looking for a tranquil and luxurious home life. And with a thriving tourist industry, there are many opportunities for buying a property on this idyllic island. Purchasing Exuma property can provide you with a lifetime of memories, including the peace of mind that comes with having an island home.

The cost of purchasing real estate on the island is relatively low, which makes it attractive for many exuma bahamas real estate visitors. The Bahamian tax regime is also relatively low, so it’s possible to invest in a property without having to pay a large amount in taxes. Celebrities like Faith Hill and David Copperfield have properties in the Exuma Islands, and Johnny Depp, Eddie Murphy, and Faith Hill have all bought islands here. The recent visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping is further proof of the booming property market in the Bahamas. In addition, the Bahamas Agriculture & Marine Science Institute recently signed a deal with the Chinese Ocean University to provide the island with a hub for academic and research.

As tourism in the area continues to rise, prices of Exuma property are expected to increase significantly. In 2010, Sandals Resorts International opened the Emerald Bay Resort in Great Exuma. It sits on a white sand beach, surrounded by crystal clear waters and stunning views of Stocking Island. As the chain has risen in popularity, the price of Exuma property has increased significantly. You can find a complete listing of Exuma properties on Bahamas Realty’s website.

With over 300 islands, Exuma is home to some of the most varied real estate in the Bahamas. There’s everything from luxurious hilltop properties with spectacular views to quaint, island homes on a white sand beach. You can even find oceanfront properties on the island, such as Blown Away, on the Reserve at Hooper’s Bay. This is a true second home paradise. And, if you’re an investor looking for a more secluded community, this is the perfect place for you.

Listed properties are the most comprehensive source of property information. Exuma Bahamas Real Estate listings can be accessed through MLS.gov. A property with a Bahamas MLS number will be listed under the IDX Symbol. However, please remember that the data provided by Bahamas MLS are not guaranteed. The information is for informational purposes only. You should always verify the accuracy of information before purchasing a property. And, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

As Exuma is a tropical paradise, the Exuma Islands are a dream destination for many people. These islands offer white-sand beaches and ultra-exclusive resorts. They’re a popular spot for diving, snorkeling, and coral reef exploring. And, with their pristine waters, this island has something for everyone. Its pristine beaches are perfect for all ages, and the surrounding landscape is protected by a national park.

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