Global Table tennis – HardBat Classic 2009 Tournament

HardBat table tennis is the same game as the table tennis that is played at the Olympics. The only difference is the type of equipment the players use. HardBat is a throwback to original table tennis, a time before paddles were modified with sponges and speed glues. Many fans of HardBat table tennis consider it to be more authentic than its modern counterpart. They argue that modified paddles give players an unfair advantage over players who may not be able to afford the same types of modifications. Ty Hoff, the 1998 U. S. Nationals HardBat Champion, made the switch from playing tournaments with modified paddles to playing classic HardBat style. He says the change renewed his love of the game. What he appreciates most is the fact that the playing field is more even and if he loses a game he knows it is because he was outplayed, not because the other player’s paddle enabled them to perform more confusing, tricked-out spins. When you play HardBat table tennis you can learn from your errors and become a better player. This is not as easily achieved when playing against an opponent who is using a modified paddle. There are too many unknown variables (type and age of rubber, width of sponge, type and amount of speed glue, etc. ) to be able to pinpoint the definite cause of an error.

In upset for US, 20-year-old Jewish athlete wins Paralympic table tennis  gold | The Times of Israel

Scott Gordon, a HardBat champion and vocal supporter explains that HardBat consists of the two essential elements of any sport, an offense and a defense table tennis tables melbourne. He contends that HardBat should be included as a division of modern table tennis. He uses comparisons to other sports such as auto racing, baseball, and softball, with their various leagues, and distance running with its different events. He believes there is a place for both HardBat and modern table tennis under the same designated sport. The sport can grow and become accessible to more people if different divisions are added.

The HardBat Classic is a new event sponsored by Bud Light and held at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las vegas. The Hardbat Classic was organized with the intention of bringing table tennis out of the basement and into the spotlight. The tournament offered the highest monetary award of any tournament in history in the united states: $100, 000. Over the span of three days, 500 HardBat players from around the united states competed for the top place in their category. In the end, four players remained: one pro, one casual player, one HardBat All-Star, and one Bud Light tournament player. Jack Baker was the ultimate winner. His is a story that speaks to the level playing field of HardBat. Jack bested players with more experience than him, even players given the designation of Professional and All-Star. Jack is an everyday Joe who earned his spot at the tournament by winning a Bud Light event at a bar in Alabama. In the end he walked away as the winner of the entire tournament. How is that for a level playing field? Do you want to have a ping pong table in your home but do not have the room for it? Do you already have a pool table? If so, then there is a solution for you. Purchasing a table tennis conversion top is the way to convert your existing pool table into a table tennis table. This method will save you money because you will not have to buy a separate table tennis table and will save you space by not having to fit a large table in your game room.

The table tennis conversion top will sit on top of your existing pool table. It does not take long to place it on top, lock it down and begin playing with your family and friends. The wonderful thing is that the conversion tops are easy to install and easy to remove.

When you start to look for your now conversion top, you will find that there are several sizes to choose from. Different sizes are available because there are different sizes of pool tables. Once you open it up, just mount it, lock it down and it will be a secure and firm ping pong table. The conversion tops will leave you pool table undamaged because there is usually foam that goes in between the top and the pool table to avoid all dings and scratches. Most table tops come with the needs accessories for playing ping pong. These include the net, paddles and balls.

Buying a table tennis conversion table will save you a lot of money and will give you great value. You will find that they are very durable and will keep there value over time. They can cost anywhere between $150 to maybe $450. Make sure you research the options on the internet before you buy. Good research will save you money in the end.

Saving space by not have another gaming table is a great feature of buying this type of table top. Switching between games is easy and you can set the table tennis conversion top out of the way to play pool. There are other uses for the conversion top. Take the net off and use it for an eating table, buffet table, making projects with the kids or set up some trains at Christmas. There are many things you can do. Just remember to protect the table.

In conclusion, a table tennis conversion top will save you space in your home and save you money. It will solve two problems at once and provide you with many hours of enjoyment. Make sure you study the different options before you buy so you can get the best deals and the right table top to fit your needs. In the end, a table tennis conversion top is the smart and economical way to expand your gaming activities. Enjoy!

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