Google Talk on Android: A Simple User Interface and Powerful Video Chat

Google has gained popularity in all of the products that they have created, starting with their great search engine and on up to Google Docs. Today, this company has even penetrated three sectors of social communications, namely social networks, cellular telephones and chat programs. The chat program created by Google is called Google Talk; and this application is widely used on mobile devices and laptops. This chat program is Buy Google Reviews still relatively “young” since it was released in 2005. However, its popularity has grown steadily, especially among Android phone users.

With the rich features that Google Talk offers, it’s a great loss if you don’t know some of the features that this chat program offers. This article will discuss how Google Talk can help you stay connected with friends or business associates.

User Interface

Google Talk features an easy-to-use interface for desktop widgets as well as mobile applications. If you are a Gmail or Google+ user, you can see the small chat widget at the bottom of the page in the left-hand corner. This feature enables you to see which of your friends are online and hide the chat list if you don’t want to chat. There will be a green circle next to the person’s name if they are online, and if they’re away, you will see a time clock icon. Offline friends will show grey circles next to their name, yet you can still send messages to them. They will receive your message when they log on. This application is very easy to operate. For Google+ users, this program will automatically list the people and their profiles.

Chat Abilities

Using Google Talk in Google+ allows you to send messages from your Android phone and you can even accept other people to join a current group chat. The chat program also enables you to send text from desktops or mobile phones and later you can view the corresponding message on the same device. For example, if you begin a chat on a desktop computer and then you need to go out, you can resume the chat on your Android phone. When you return to your desktop computer, you can continue the conversation where you left off. You can also make the conversation “off the record” if you need to discuss private matters with your friends. This means that your conversation won’t show up in your Gmail chat history. To use this feature, you need to have a Gmail account.

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