Haunted Hotel Game Review

You can almost always acquaint the eerie and weird on a Hidden Object type of game and this game review is actually no different. The Haunted Hotel game coming from casual game developers Specialbit Games still exploits this relationship between the theme and the genre, but what really can it offer differently from games of this type? Well, that’s what we’re about to find out.

The story of the Haunted Hotel game is all about a bewildered traveler as he find himself checking-in on a seemingly abandoned hotel after an unexpected car crash F95zone . Desperate to find a room and spend the rest of the night, he then explores the whole of the hotel trying to find any hint of life, or probably some help for his unusual predicament. However, before long, he finds himself trapped in this strange building and it now becomes your task to stick with him to the end until he eventually find his way out.

Like all Hidden Object type games, the mechanics of this game is for you to find in every room all the items shown on your list within a specified time limit. Among endless clutters of random items, you are also given up to 5 clues to help you locate unfamiliar and hard-to-find ones, but of course, you still have to practice wise spending to survive the whole encounter. You can also find bonus items that will give you more time to spend as well as possible replenishment to one of your clues. All in all, it’s just a satisfactorily challenged game and very well balanced too in my perspective.

Compared with other games that may present you with the story in either a dialog or a comic, the Haunted Hotel game presents the story through the traveler’s diary. The good thing about this is that with a written plot, the story can be expound and given more depth, however, coupled with such tiny font sizes and very long plot lines, the written media in this game can be quite boring and uninteresting. It really depends on the player’s view of course, but that’s what I felt whenever I’m presented with a progress in the game’s story.

Most of the graphics, music and gameplay elements blend perfectly with one another though, and I definitely loved the game’s eerie atmosphere. It’s not really as eerie as the Mystery Case Files series of games, but I guess that is one minor thing to consider. One drawback though is the funky and fun music theme during the “Energy Swatting” mini games, which I think is a little bit off from the overall theme of this game. But aside from that, I guess that most of the game elements are just fine.

What I liked best though are the mini games presented in the Haunted Hotel game. The mini games rotate from 5 choices for every hotel floor aside from the “Energy Swatting” game, and I loved every one of them. These may be very short games, but still provides a good break from all the eye-straining Hidden Object action making them very welcome for my hurting and strained vision. 🙂

All in all, the Haunted Hotel game is really an overall fun game if you get to appreciate the game story’s progression and delivery. It has an addicting gameplay coupled with some exciting mini games that promises a lot of hours of enjoyment. And besides, the game also treats its players on an unpredictable ending depending on how you played it, therefore making the game very interesting to finish.

I had always loved playing games and this simple review is really my own way of giving back to the casual gaming community.

And you know what else? Getting to read game reviews is good, but trying out the game for yourself is definitely even better! You can check out [http://www.casualicious.com/games/] for a free trial download of this game and other games that may tickle your fancy. Besides, your opinion is still number 1, right? 🙂

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