How to Find Study Abroad Scholarships

The best way to learn about different cultures and gain a broader perspective of different issues is to study overseas. Oftentimes, however, students cannot afford to join a study abroad program. For this reason, study abroad scholarships are now being offered by a number of institutions and organizations.

College students, as a rule, are not financially secure. Many of them are financially dependent on their parents. If they do have work, most of the money they earn goes to college tuition and other education-related expenses. Consequently, although overseas study is a great experience, most students cannot afford it. A scholarship can help students study abroad by making the necessary funds available for them to use.

If you want to find scholarships to study overseas, you can start by inquiring at your school’s financial services office. They usually have a compilation of available scholarships. Searching the internet is also a quick and convenient way to find scholarships that you may qualify for.

The requirements to qualify for a scholarship vary, but in general a candidate must have good grades and be an upstanding person. You will be asked to present your credentials during the application process.

Scholarships for overseas study are offered by the federal government, state, or private institutions. For example, the National Security Education Program (NSEP) and the Fulbright Program which are both funded by the federal bromsgrove school government offer grants and fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students to study and do research abroad. Government organizations in other countries also offer scholarship funds, such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

A few states also provide college students the opportunity to study abroad by providing loans or grants based on need or merit. The grant may include tuition waivers or work programs.

Colleges and universities also provide scholarships on a need and/or merit basis. Institutional aid can come from alumni, faculty, endowments and the like. Some financial aid can be allocated for study abroad but other scholarships and grants are restricted for domestic programs.

Private organizations, corporations, civic groups and foundations are also excellent sources of assistance for oversea studies. The Chrysler Foundation as well as other big brand companies also give funds for studying overseas. The Rotary Foundation has an international scholarship program for undergraduate, graduate and vocational students.

Some private and public organizations provide scholarships for students to study a particular major or field of study abroad. Inquire about scholarships in your area of study or destination from private organizations in your locality. Don’t forget funding organizations in your destination country. They can also provide scholarships for you to study abroad.

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