Make Money Working From Home – Blogging For Dollars

This article is about sponsored blogging. Are you familiar with it? In case you’re one of the hundreds who’s answer would be no, I’ll explain it to you.

Sponsored blogging pays you to blog…it’s a fact…you get paid from companies, your sponsors, to post articles about their news releases or their press releases on your blog . The writing is varied, you will be writing about a seemingly unlimited number of advertisers websites, products and services.

You are paid per posting, hence the term “pay per post”. Many of the sponsored content marketplaces prefer that you disclose the fact that you are providing a sponsored posting within the article, some require it.

These are regular steady blogging opportunities offered by advertisers every day to independent bloggers. Advertisers need bloggers because of their ability to create buzz about upcoming projects or products.

Bloggers also help to build traffic to the advertisers website, complete with valuable backlinks. Bloggers also provide quality and usability feedback on the advertisers products and the list goes on and on.

There are some requirements for the prospective blogger to sponsored blogging.These requirements begin with traffic, advertisers like to see regular traffic to your blog. Of course, there is the regular no adult material, racist or hateful material, that should be an easy one.

You must be indexed by Google and Yahoo before you’re eligible with some marketplaces. Some require being live for at least 3 months. You get the idea, the advertisers want to see traffic to your blog so someone actually sees your postings about their products.

With so many different varieties of blogs for readers to choose from it is hard to compete on the internet, especially if your site is dull and boring. The only way to stay competitive is by differentiating your site from other blogs. This can be done by changing many things ncluding design, content and graphics. Even if your blog shares the same topic as many others, there are still a number of different ways to separate yours from the rest.

First and foremost you should worry about design. Is your website striking or does it look like it was done by an amateur? Ask people for their opinion for example your friends or perhaps your regular readers. Check out other blog designs that you catch your eye. Be careful not to copy them but try to mimic the idea.

Check on your competition regularly. It is important to see what fellow bloggers in your area of interest are up too. If you see that they are steps ahead of you with content or linking you need to reassess the timeliness of your posts. Visitors are not going to want to read material they have already read unless you provide more quality information. It is just easier to beat your competitors to the punch and be the first blog with the big news.

Check out your side bar and ask yourself if the information is relevant and useful to your readers. Try to put links of real interest in that area such as free ebooks, reports, reviews and video if available. Send out a survey to your readers to find out what they would like to see on the side bar and ask how you can make it better.

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