Online MBA vs Traditional MBA – Which is Best?

Traditional, classroom-based MBA programs have always been a central pillar for business students mba online. But now online MBAs are entering the arena, causing students and employers to pose some big, serious questions. Are online MBAs really equivalent to classroom-based degrees? Could they actually provide the same level of business expertise? As the trend toward distance learning takes hold, many are dropping their pretenses and viewing both as legitimate options.

Another part of the traditional MBA program’s appeal has been the interactive classroom environment where students work in teams, piecing together innovative strategies and putting them to the test, the same way they do it in the real world. Graduates from these programs came out perfectly sculpted for the work environments they were going to enter, ready to excel in the business world.

These graduates enter the workforce prepared not only for the management aspects of business, but also the technological aspects. This point is raising the eyebrows of hiring managers who use Web-based tools like Gmail, Yammer, IM and even Twitter to carry out daily business operations.

But a revolution occurred when smaller, more flexible colleges began offering MBA programs that were accessible to the continuing-education crowd and people who are fully employed. With the same business curriculum being offered online by technical universities and career colleges, the focus of the MBA became more complex. Students still work in groups to create simulated business projects, but now they do it through distance communication channels such as email, online chat and internal message boards — the same way modern businesses work in the real world.

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