Realtor Blogs – Good News and Bad News

About 6 months ago I started to see information about real estate blogging everywhere! It was in the National Association of Realtors Magazine the same month that it was featured in the Florida Realtor Magazine. It was in the Agent Direct News and the Broker Agent News. I read an article that said that one of the big brokerages was giving a blog to every one of their agents. Somehow blogging became a HOT HOT HOT topic and realtors around the country could not get enough.

Let me state for the record that I think real estate blogging is a fabulous thing! It gives agents a forum to show their expertise and allows the public to put a personality on the agent photo. It allows groups of agents and associated vendors like mortgage bankers and title people to get information out the public that is not common knowledge I think that every agent (make that every human) who has something to say and who will say it several times a week should have a blog!

Some of my favorite stand alone blogs are Bloodhound Blog – a compilation of over 20 industry experts who have great conversations about all things real estate related. I also like local blogger Kris Berg of the San Diego Home Blog who mixes humor with practical information about her local market. I have also proudly been a part of launching numerous real estate blogs that provide a mix of real estate and marketing information. The main thing these blogs have are interested authors who are committed to provided quality content. They also have very different looks but still all are obviously maintained by professional people.

Active Rain is also a great spot for realtors. According to their site “ActiveRain is a Bellevue, WA based technology/media company hybrid that operates the largest and most active social network in the real estate space. ” They are showing that they have 78,412 active members today. This is a super easy interface to use that lets realtors communicate with each other and which answers civilian reader questions all in one place. The top 2 realtors are Sharon Simms and Randy L. Prothero and they are obviously very active in this blogging community. Sharon is a hometown girl, working in St. Petersburg Florida, right in my backyard!

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