The New DJ – What You Need To Know About DJ Speakers

Every DJ, whether they be just starting out or already versed in the DJing world needs to have an excellent set of DJ speakers. If you are unsure what you need or even the kind of speakers that are out there, you are not alone. The different kinds and types of speakers can be confusing at first. So, make sure you know what is available, how much you can comfortably afford to spend and then you can decide on exactly what you need.

First off, you need to have a way to hear what you are playing. What you need are monitor speakers . Monitor speakers will allow you to hear what you are playing without the background noise of the party going on around you. These will let you know what the crowd is hearing. If it sounds go to you in your monitor speakers, then it likely sounds good to them as well. Some DJs use headphones for the same purpose during a gig.

The next thing you need to know about speakers are what not to get for DJing. 2-Way speakers are not very good as DJ speakers due to the amount of distortion they cause and the lack of mid range tones. As a professional DJ, people will expect your music system to sound good, not distorted, so don’t get these. PA, or Public Address, speakers are what schools use to broadcast information. Although some DJs do use these if the event may include someone making a speech, a DJ just starting out probably won’t need these either. Having these two types of speakers are not going to help you in your pursuit of becoming a terrific DJ.

What you will need for DJ speakers are either passive speakers, or active speakers. Both are available at many different price points and from multiple manufacturers. The choice is yours on this, although the decision to go with active or passive may also be affected by the other equipment you already own. Active speakers have power amplifiers built into them. Due to this they require extra electrical outlets. They are easy to connect and you won’t need anything extra to power them. The opposite of the active speakers are the passive speakers. A passive speaker will need an amplifier to get power. This is fine, but you will need to fiddle with the amps to get the best sound and extra cabling to connect everything together. One of either of these types of DJ speakers will be required by anyone that wants to get started in the DJ world. So, your basic requirements for DJ speakers are monitor speakers or headphones as well as a set of either active or passive speakers at a minimum to get started.

When hosting a youth conference, business meeting, or other event, consider booking a talk with a professional leadership speaker, one who will connect with your audience and leave a lasting impression of the entire conference. While many agencies can help the booking process go much smoother in the days leading up to your event, keep the following tips in mind when searching for the perfect motivational speaker.

First, find a motivational speaker who can connect with your audience. For example, if you are hosting a conference for teens, there are several different types of speakers that could appeal to your audience. Would a celebrity make the most meaningful impact? Perhaps a famous athlete would have the most impact on a group of young adults looking for a role model. If you are hosting a business meeting, you might prefer to engage a leadership speaker, a motivational speaker, or a humorist speaker for a lighter atmosphere. Consider the needs of your audience, the topic of your event, and the personality of the speaker they should all work together to create a truly memorable time for the listeners.

Besides finding a speaker who can quickly establish a relationship with your audience, you also want to find someone with several years of experience as a speaker in their field. Experience can make all the difference in the natural flow of the talk. Besides this, a speaker’s experience allows you to find out more about that particular speaker. Once a motivational speaker given his lecture a few times, you can ask around and find out what others have enjoyed (or disliked!) about his talks. You can ask for a résumé, to check out the types of audiences that speaker has been invited to. (You are checking to see if the speaker has handled large and small groups, teens and adults, etc.) You can also find out quite a bit about a speaker’s experience from good references that they should be happy to give you. The experience that a motivational speaker has acquired can help tremendously in finding out more about him.

Lastly, take advantage of technology when looking for a leadership speaker by asking him for a clip reel of his presentation. Alternatively, you could check YouTube for videos of inspirational talks. Whatever media they give, note the size of the audience and the audience’s response, besides the speaker’s style and ease of speaking. Clips of their presentations as well as online posted talks can help you see what the speaker himself is really like, instead of relying only on his website or written word. With using the media, each speaker offers to find the perfect fit.

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