What Are Keyword Tools and How Do You Use Them?

Keyword Tools are a group of tools that provide analysis and reporting on the use of keywords keywords position check or phrases on your (or your competitors) website. They are a vital set of tools in terms of optimising your website for high search engine ranking and also for analyzing your competitor’s websites.

Keyword tools comprise such tools as:-

1) Keyword Density Checker – this tool extracts lists of keywords or phrases from a website and calculates how often they occur – this is known as keyword density. This is a vital characteristic to understand as it has a high impact on how your site ranks in the search engines. Also very useful to use to analyze your competitor’s websites to find out how they managing to get high rankings i.e. what words and phrases are they using and at what density. It is also useful to check that your keyword density is not too high as many search engines will penalize this (it is known as keyword stuffing or keyword spamming).

2) Keyword Extractors – as the name suggests this tool extracts lists of keywords from a website in a form that is easily exportable. This tool is useful for generating ideas around which keywords or phrases you should choose to optimize for – particularly if it is used to extract lists of keywords from a high ranking but competing site.

3) Keyword Rich Domain Finder – this tool finds websites that have high keyword densities for the chosen keywords or phrases. The list of sites found by this tool can be an invaluable source of data for your keyword research and also a very useful piece of competitor analysis.

4) Keyword suggestion generator – another great tool for when you are generating your lists of keywords and phrases on which to base your pages or site. The Keyword suggestion generator tool will normally produce lists of keywords or phrases that are related to your seed keyword, this is usually in easily exportable format so it can easily be moved into other tools for further analysis.

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