What is a Blog? – The Beginning

“Blog” the origin of the word Blog comes from the words “web log” which was used for a short time to describe entry logs on the web. It was quickly mashed into the one word “blog”. Now the word “blog” describes regularly updated posts on the internet. From the word “Blog” we now have “Bloggers” which is people who write and publish blogs, and Blogging the art of posting blogs.

There has been a range of extensions to describe this wonderful past time. Slightly exaggerated wording has evolved nearly as rapidly as blogging itself.

Web log is nothing more than dated entries on the web sites. Blogs can vary as much as the writers who write them Sherry dyson. The reason for starting a blog can be different for each individual. Many are motivated with reasons of enjoying the writing, looking for an income, the belief of what one person knows may help others or even just a way to communicate on the internet. Regardless of the reason that you have for starting a blog, you are creating a valuable service.

Hobbies create fantastic blogs, as they share information about a hobby that may be of interest to novices or experienced alike. You can make comments to share your view, or just to give a little insight on a subject that you are proud of.

Know how and technologies can be promoted so that we can always watch for trends, or just to see whats coming next. These Bloggers tell their audience about all sorts of exciting news, by keeping daily information on a favourite pastime updated daily.

Blogs can be informative, funny, funny pictures, charming stories or just family fun. More than anything that the readers find enjoyable.

Big companies like Google and Microsoft offer free blog sites to try and paint the face of friendly service. For these companies and many more like them, benefit from the business created by visitors to the blog.

You will find as you explore the world of blogging, that not all blog writers provide a valuable service, they tend to ramble on incoherently, which makes these blogs not very entertaining.
So when you are ready to create your own blog, think seriously about what sort of blog you would like to write. Be certain to choose a topic that you have facts on, so that you can develop an audience that would like to follow each and every post.

Blogging is fast becoming a source of income through advertising for those who can generate millions of visits to their webpage. These “make money blogs” are extremely difficult to start and hard to maintain. Top management in renowned corporations such as Hewlett-Packard and General Motors are now taking this blogging craze and using it to benefit their own business by indirectly making money blogging. Traditionally, the only way that corporate officials could communicate with the people was through the news and brochures. Starting an internet business blog, however, allows them to informally communicate on a daily basis. This generates interest, and if done right, credibility by bringing the company and its management down to the public’s level, making internet business blogging a vital asset to the company.

Blogging began as a way for those with similar interests to create a community where said interest could be discussed and explored. Internet business blogging is a simple variation of this concept where the community happens to be the target audience of a particular company.  While one can directly make money blogging through self-described “money making blogs”, for the purposes of CEOs and vice presidents of companies, the blog has become a place where they can interact with the fraction of the public that is interested in their company and stoke interest through wittiness and controversy. It’s basically a public and online journal that, when used effectively, can steer discussion and influence their customers’ opinions.

Internet business blogs also provide a way for companies in the same industry, other employees, and critics to leave comments and posts that management can respond to. Besides the inevitable useless posts filled with profanity, management can respond to criticisms by improving products and services. This will engage the target community, allows the company to shape its own perception, and result in increased business. The power of blogging relies on word of mouth, one of the most powerful ways of generating hype and interest. Internet business blogs can also act as make money blogs and generate revenue by advertising about relevant products.

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