Your Favorite Celebrity Perfumes

Celebrity perfumes are a great marketing strategy to attract members of various generations towards a particular perfume. Although, it might be true that most of the celebrities do no often wear the perfume they endorse, the perfume relationship is more about lending one’s popularity and image to a particular brand. The more iconic a celebrity, more is the selling power. Hence high end cosmetics and perfumes which are directly connected to the personality of a person are amongst the foremost to cash in on the charm of a celebrity.

There are some perfumes which are started by the celebrity himself or herself, while some are through mere endorsements. For example the Y Tu Tambien is a perfume launched by U2. It is a nice scent that is very much affordable. Some Kelly Stables celebrity perfumes are named after the celebrity himself or herself. Intimately Beckham endorsed by the famous footballer celebrity David Beckham is a very good example in this regard. Maria Sharapova too is an endorser of celebrity perfume of her name. Carlos endorsed by Carlos Santana, JLo Glo endorsed by Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion endorsed by the celebrity herself are examples of other celebrity perfumes that are named after a very famous celebrity.

Some celebrity perfumes are named wittily to cater for men and women e.g. Usher for her, and Usher for Him are two perfumes endorsed by Usher for the gents and the ladies perfumes. This indicates the popularity of the celebrity amongst both the genders and goes a long way to signify the celebrity status if the endorser.

Celebrity perfumes do not stop at real celebrities as such. Barbie has a perfume by the same name while the perfume Moi is associated to Miss Piggy.

Not all perfumes have a great content of rare essential oils and hence some of them are more affordable and not very expensive. Mediterraneo endorsed by Antonio Banderas, Glow by Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jordan endorsed by the legendary basketball player are not very expensive and at the same time known for their quality fragrance.

A small club of celebrities also get involved in the process of making perfumes e.g. Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne have all picked the notes and fragrances that constitute the celebrity perfumes they are associated with. Some have even contributed to the packaging and marketing making them true celebrity perfumes

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